Panoramic Amphitheater Tour

Panoramic Amphitheater Tour

Few steps for an Isolabella village overview and the peculiar characteristics of its Terroir.

TIMING: 15 minutes

Departure is expected from the Borgo houses  , strolling along lands path , which climbs even steeply. In just a few minutes you will reach  “La Vela” vineyard (also planned for  La Vela Tour), located at an altitude of 500 m s.l., with a south-east exposure; from here you have a first panoramic view of the Borgo Isolabella’ s Natural Amphitheater where you can appreciate with a glance the woods dominant proportion against the vineyards that appear truly set among plants.

 Wine Tour is aimed at a wide audience (which is mainly interested in tasting and wines) both for fans and for people who wish to have a first wine culture experience in Piedmont: it provides the presence of a experienced territory guide  with knowledge of our farm and cellar practices, which can clearly argue the agricultural practices of our vineyards and cellar processing.

 The Tour can normally walk on foot with footwear and clothing suitable for country walking. We also suggest Nordic Walking equipment that includes the use of sticks and a specific walking technique to stimulate all important muscles, similarly to cross-country skiing: arms and shoulders are actively involved by making the most effective exercise. It is also easy to practice, a natural movement with alternating rhythm.

The aim is giving a broad terroir representation and in particular the fragrances that are particularly present in Loazzolo wines.

1) two selected High Hills Wines (ex. Mariateresa Barbera d'Asti DOCG, Le Marne, blend well-characterized, Moscato d'Asti awarded several times with  gold or silver medal at the most important competition for this type:  Muscats du Monde held in Languedoc Roussillon)
 2)  two Wines between our CRUs (ex  Loazzolo doc, Barbera Superiore, Nizza DOCG, Brachetto 36 and Superlodo)

In addition you can choose two more wines to enrich the experience.

Local products from organic practices and producers who work with Isolabella della Croce to promote this land.


exclusively on reservation every day from March and October.

To quote.

The Inimitable Vineyard
Vela wine Pinot nero of Loazzolo

11,000 vines per hectare: the pinot nero grown with this exceptional vine density was planted in 2007 (in France and Italy, vineyards are already considered intensive from 4,500 vines per hectare). Such density forces the vines to reduce their foliage and concentrate their essences into the grapes.

Moscato of Loazzolo
The "late" harvest of the Moscato di Loazzolo

Produced grapes must be late harvested in order to obtain a large sugar gradient (14-15 ° to the grape harvest) and let it dry for a few months on canes racks  in a special place called “drying fruit room"; attached by the noble mold, is subsequently hand-selected.

The Natural Amphitheatre
Borgo Isolabella in Loazzolo

Eleven hectares of vines nestled among the woods, perched on magnificently exposed but incredibly steep slopes, in a unique natural symphony.